The One Message to Pay Attention to Right Now​: Reconnect with Your Customers NOW!

Assia Salikhova

B2B Generalist

Are you wondering if all of your suppliers
are back in business?

Imagine that, YOUR customers are wondering about YOU too, because unless you tell them they are not sure and are a little bit hesitant to ask.

Hi there, I am Assia and I help B2B businesses to grow using proven success tactics.
For over 25 years I've helped businesses to communicate better, clearer and more engagingly.

Support the future success of your business
by reaching out to your customer base
with a simple yet powerful message:
"We are back in business!"

Do you want to be in business to continue servicing your customers?
Do you want to sustain and grow your business regardless of the economy?
Do you want to make sure your customers will come back and bring new clients?

STOP worrying about the future.
STOP the mindless searching online thinking about what to do next.
STOP the hopeless pursuit
No more desperation..or despair..or hopelessness
Register today!
And it is free (unlike most free things in life, it actually is free, no catches)


This Presentation Reveals

Three Modern Ways to Communicate With Your Customers for More Sales and Profits Starting from TODAY

GUARANTEED peace of mind for everyone worried about future sales

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I have lost count of the times during my personal and professional life when timely communication was the most important if not crucial element to a solution or resolution of a problem. Time and time again as accomplished human beings we choose to assume, second guess and think it through with a wrong pair of eyes (mostly our own) without asking, double checking, communicating and watching through someone else's pair of eyes.

All too often we choose to see our own truth, our understanding and our vision as the only one that is accurate and accepted by everyone. Yet, how many times do we discover that others have equally valid thoughts and ideas, exploring the situation from a different angle?

This Is What You Will Learn When Register to
"Three Modern Ways to Communicate With Your Customers for More Sales and Profits Starting from TODAY"
21/05/20 at 11am NZ time

Way #1: Phone Power is Growing
because it's the easiest way to offer a personal touch without coming too close.

Calling is becoming fashionable again and your team has to master it.

This is because having a human being on the other side of the phone is rapidly becoming a luxury, just  like a posted note was one day. Offer this piece of luxury to your custmers. Learn how, when you register.

Way #2: There is a blind spot in your business if you aren't using the power of Email to enrich, enhance and improve your communication

Email can deliver your message many times without getting tired or bored. Unless you are a cafe or a shop which everyone can see is opened, you need email to help you spread the word: "Yes, we are back in business".

Challenge is - how to do it well. Register to find out how.

Way #3: Social Media is where a lot is happening right now.
You have to be part of the conversation there too.

Don't have a Facebook account? Don't understand what Facebook is all about? Don't want to learn how it works?

Great news, you don't have to. It's the same as electricity and TV, you don't need to know how it works to use it. Same with Social media, make a decision to embrace it and get the right help